Traum[a]land – Schloss Biesdorf

"Traum[a]land" - exhibition with six exciting contemporary positions

Vernissage on 25.02.2024 from 18:00 to 21:00
Exhibition from 25.02.2024 to 12.05.2024

with works by Lara Azul, GODSDOGS, Thomas Klingenstein, Cornelia Renz and Saralisa Volm.
Curated by Dr des. Anne Simone Krüger and Lea Heine.

The exhibition Traumaland invites you on a fascinating journey through the land of the subconscious by five outstanding artists. The contemporary positions poetically explore the themes of dreams and trauma, with most of the works visualising the unspeakable in a sublime and allegorical way. 

In recent years, society has become more aware of the issue of trauma. We have all had traumatic experiences at various levels. And although "transgenerational trauma", "post-traumatic growth" or "triggers" are (inflationarily) discussed in social media, the taboo still mostly prevails. Spaces in which the inner worlds are given expression are rare. 

Traum[a]land leads through a multimedia landscape with hanging sculptures, backlit banners, walk-in installations, video, colourful paintings, high-contrast etchings and large-format photographs. 

The works by Lara Azul, GODsDOGs, Gerenot Richter, Cornelia Renz and Saralisa Volm take visitors on a somnambulistic journey into a surreal realm and allow them to immerse themselves in intermediate psychological worlds between trance, dream and trauma. Despite the gravity of the subject matter, the works radiate hope and a deep, powerful beauty.

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